Cat Wellness Exam in Altamonte Springs, FL

Cat Checkups Are The Key to Feline Health!

At Westmonte Animal Clinic, we understand that your cat is a cherished member of your family. Our cat wellness exams are designed to catch potential health problems early on. Whether your cat is a lively kitten or a distinguished senior, regular check-ups are crucial for their continued well-being.

Think of cat check-ups as an annual health review. Just seeing your cat once every couple of years isn’t enough. By regularly getting a chance to see your pet, we can monitor any changes to their health. This allows us to act quickly if needed to stop a health issue before it becomes too late.

We gear every aspect of your cat's vet visit towards promoting a healthy and fulfilled life for your cat. By scheduling your cat's annual check-up, you're taking proactive measures to ensure your pet's health and to secure their future.

Cat wellness exams begin with a thorough physical examination and health assessment to collect a baseline of your cat’s overall health. During the exam, we will also discuss your pet’s lifestyle and habits as well as any other questions you may have.

Wellness Exams May Include:

  • Overall health assessment

  • Detailed physical examination

  • Blood work & stool analysis, if needed

  • Diagnostic testing, if needed

  • Deworming and parasite prevention, if needed

  • Nutritional counseling, if needed

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The Impact of Regular Cat Wellness Exams

Regular check-ups are vital to safeguarding your furry friend's health. Our routine check-ups allow us to track your cat's health, notice any changes, and take swift action if necessary. These exams are a crucial part of long-term, preventive health care.

Cats are known for hiding any pain or discomfort. Annual check-ups are the best way for us to identify any concealed health problems. And an early diagnosis will improve the chances of successful treatment.

Bringing your cat to us for regular check-ups gives us the opportunity to understand and get to know your pet. They also give you a chance to share any changes or worries you've noticed. With annual wellness exams, we're able to have a comprehensive understanding of your cat's health.

Early Illness Detection

Regular check-ups let us spot early signs of disease such as gum disease or assess abnormal purring. Early detection makes treatments more effective.

Personalized Health Advice

Our customized consultation provides tailored advice based on your cat's unique needs, fostering optimal health.

Preventive Care

Proactive actions, such as vaccines and deworming, keep your pet shielded from a variety of common health threats.

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Keep Your Pet Healthy Throughout the Year

Your four-legged friend's health doesn't take a break, and neither do we. Providing care throughout the year is the key to maintaining your cat's well-being. This approach helps us combat threats that can occur at any time of year. Fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites thrive throughout the year, especially in Florida's warm weather.

These pests can significantly affect your cat's health, and as they say, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Implementing year-round care shields your pet from harmful parasites like ticks and fleas, regardless of the season.

Westmonte Animal Clinic proudly offers a wide range of cat parasite preventatives. We understand that each cat is unique, with different environmental exposures and health needs. Therefore, we tailor our strategies to fit your pet's specific needs, providing the best possible protection.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need to start or refill your pet's prescription for any parasite preventatives. Our goal is to ensure your pet's comfort and well-being all year round, one preventive measure at a time.

Components Of a Comprehensive Cat Wellness Exam

At Westmonte Animal Clinic, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your cat's health. Our comprehensive cat wellness exam dives into all the critical aspects of your pet's well-being. From a thorough physical examination to detailed lab work, we strive to ensure your cat remains in peak health.

Complete Physical Exam

Dental Care Evaluation

Blood / Stool Analysis

Heart Rate Monitoring

Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice

Vaccination Updates

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Our Reviews

Lynn Lafata

Very happy! They took such great care of my cats baby and RJ. We are so appreciative of their care. Great job!

Bryanna I

Took my kitty in for the first time here and I was very pleased! The office was clean and smelt great unlike some places I’ve tried in the past. The receptionist was great and got us right in, same day, for my baby’s yearly shots and exam.

Lindsey Blair

My poor baby was sick, and Dr. Matagrano was compassionate, patient, and answered all my questions. Now Snowball is on her way to good health, all thanks to this incredible team. Thank you!!

Amanda Wemple

Westmonte is a cut above the rest. Your pet is CARED for, you are listened to and a thorough evaluation of the situation is completed. Dr is OUTSTANDING and techs are unmatched. Cost is reasonable and care is above and beyond.