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Dental hygiene is as important for our four-legged friends as it is for us. Westmonte Animal Clinic is dedicated to maintaining the oral health of your cherished pet with our professional dog teeth cleaning services. We offer a complete approach to dental care to ensure your dog's teeth and gums stay healthy and their breath stays fresh.

Ignoring dental health in dogs can lead to serious issues, from periodontal disease and loose teeth to infections that could compromise the heart, liver, and kidneys. Our method includes scaling and polishing to remove the harmful plaque and tartar, which can contribute to these problems, guaranteeing your pet retains a radiant and pain-free smile. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Lisa Matagrano, our team utilizes cutting-edge equipment and techniques to maintain your dog's dental health.

Remember, a clean dog is a content dog! Regular teeth cleaning not only helps fight dental disease, but it also significantly contributes to your dog's overall happiness and longevity.

What Our Dog Teeth Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Thorough oral exams

  • Remove plaque and tartar

  • High-velocity polishing

  • Post-procedure surveillance

  • Advice on maintaining dental hygiene

  • Customized dental care guidance

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Discover the Benefits of Professional Dog Teeth Cleaning

At Westmonte Animal Clinic, your pet's health is our mission. Our Dog Teeth Cleaning services go beyond just brightening your pet's smile; we focus on enhancing their overall health and life expectancy. Explore the lifelong benefits of consistent dental care for your beloved companion.

Warding Off Dental Diseases

Routine dental cleanings can prevent periodontal disease and tooth loss, helping your dog's oral comfort.

Promoting Overall Health

A clean mouth can help prevent potential infections, contributing to your pet's heart, liver, and kidney health.

Increased Quality of Life and Happiness

With the right dental care, your dog will enjoy fresher breath, better nutrition, and an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

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How to Spot Dental Disease in Your Dog

Being aware of dental disease signs is crucial for dog owners. As our furry friends cannot communicate their pain, we must remain vigilant. Regular dental check-ups are imperative, but there are also specific symptoms to watch for between visits:

  • Bad Breath: Exceptionally foul-smelling breath can be an indication of dental disease.
  • Plaque and Tartar Build-Up: Look for brownish-yellow deposits along the gum line - this is tartar, which can lead to severe dental issues if left untreated.
  • Red, Swollen, or Bleeding Gums: This could signify gingivitis or periodontal disease.
  • Difficulty Eating or Dropping Food: If your dog struggles to chew or drops food while eating, they might be experiencing dental pain.
  • Excessive Drooling: An excessive or sudden increase in drooling could indicate dental issues.
  • Pawing at the Mouth or Face-Rubbing: Frequent pawing at the mouth or rubbing their face could signal oral discomfort.

If you spot any of these signs, don't wait for your dog's next scheduled check-up - get in touch with us to schedule a dental exam. Regular professional cleanings and attentive at-home care can prevent most dental diseases, contributing to your dog's overall health and happiness.

Demystifying the Dental Procedure Process

Knowing what to expect during the process can ease your mind and ensure comfort for your pet. At Westmonte Animal Clinic, we value transparency and aim to provide you with a clear understanding of our dog teeth cleaning procedure. Here's a brief rundown of our professional cleaning process, designed to deliver the utmost care and comfort to your pet.

Pre-Anesthetic Exam

General Anesthesia

Teeth Scaling

Teeth Polishing

Post-Procedure Monitoring

At-Home Dental Care Tips

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Reviews

Ashley Oliveras

My Akita has been coming here for years. Staff and Dr. are absolutely amazing. Everyone is so kind and caring. The building itself is very clean and always smells + looks great. My pup is not a people person but loves Dr. Matagrano.

Laurent Booz

Went for my pup's first visit and I was seen very quickly. The vet was very knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely look forward to going back!

Ollie Whit

Can't say enough good things. Excellent treatment, friendly knowledgeable team. Have been going here about 2 years now and love them. Not only are they great in person but I live on the road and they always respond to emails quickly when I need records for when my dogs and I are out of town and we need to visit a vet. All around amazing team. Highly recommend

Amanda Wemple

Having had a few not so great experiences at other veterinary clinics in the area, Westmonte is a cut above the rest. Your pet is CARED for, you are listened to and a thorough evaluation of the situation is completed. Dr is OUTSTANDING and techs are unmatched. Cost is reasonable and care is above and beyond.