Dog Surgery in Altamonte Springs, FL

Every dog owner's primary desire is to keep their beloved furry companions healthy, active, and happy for as long as possible. However, sometimes unforeseen health issues may require a surgical procedure to return them to their normal selves.

We know your dog is a valued member of your family. That’s why we prioritize their safety above all else and pledge to care for your four-legged friend as if they were our own. From pre-operative assessments to post-surgery recovery, your pet is in the most experienced and caring hands.

If the thought of dog surgery is causing you stress or concern, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to answer all your questions and alleviate your worries. Call us today at (407) 862-6892 to schedule a surgical consultation or follow-up appointment.

Dog Surgeries We Offer

  • Bladder Stone Removals

  • Orthopedic surgeries

  • And many more

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Our Commitment To You

It’s natural to worry about your pet’s health—especially if a surgical procedure is necessary. But at Westmonte Animal Clinic, we put your mind at ease by providing the best quality health care from start to finish.

Quality Health Care

Westmonte Animal Clinic is dedicated to the optimal health and wellness of your pet, whether your dog is a new addition or a long-time member of your family.

Pre-Op Bloodwork

All dog surgeries start with pre-op bloodwork to minimize the risks to your beloved pet. All lab testing is done in our state-of-the-art animal hospital.

Post-Operative Care

Surgery doesn’t end when the anesthesia wears off. We continue to monitor your dog throughout the healing process to ensure they are recovering well.

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Why Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork?

No surgical procedure is without risk. That's why we ensure your pet's health is thoroughly assessed before they are placed under general anesthesia.

By checking your pet’s medical history, age, weight, and liver and kidney function, we can confidently assess their capacity to process the anesthesia safely.

We believe in setting high standards of care, and unlike many veterinary hospitals, we require pre-anesthetic blood work for all dogs, not just senior or chronically ill ones.

Post-Op Pain Management & Recovery

Most surgical procedures require some level of post-op pain management. Making your dog comfortable helps reduce recovery times (as well as stress).

We provide detailed instructions for monitoring your dog’s recovery, which often includes staying at home with an Elizabethan collar to protect the surgical site and pain medication to manage discomfort. Also, restricting your dog's physical activity until the healing process is complete is essential.

Should you suspect your dog is experiencing abnormal discomfort during their home recovery, contact us immediately at (407) 862-6892.

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Dog Surgery & Recovery

At Westmonte Animal Clinic, we focus on the health and wellbeing of your canine companion. We take pride in providing the best care for your pup throughout their life, ensuring they stay healthy and happy.

Pre-Surgical Examination

Anesthesia & Surgical Procedure

Post-Operative Care

Incision Monitoring

Post-Operative Checkup

Quality Care For Your Four-Legged Companion

At Westmonte Animal Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier care for your dog throughout their lifetime and aim to help you do the same. If you need to schedule an initial consultation or have questions about dog surgery, please give us a call at (407) 862-6892. We're here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Reviews


What a wonderful place! The staff and doctor made a very scary situation with my dog turn into I am switching vets immediately!

Tracey Koszegi

Dr Matagrano is so good and patient with my dog who is very defensive. The staff is friendly, too. The office is nice and very clean.

Katherine Haley

They took time to answer all of my questions and were incredible throughout the process.

Ollie Whit

Can't say enough good things. Excellent treatment, friendly knowledgeable team. Have been going here about 2 years now and love them.