Offering Compassionate Cat and Dog Euthanasia in Altamonte Springs, FL

As beloved members of the family, it’s only fitting that our canine and feline companions be given the most peaceful and respectful passing when it’s their time. At Westmonte Animal Clinic, we are able to provide compassionate, low-stress cat and dog euthanasia for our patients so they can cross the Rainbow Bridge comfortably, and with their loved ones by their side. As pet owners ourselves, we know that the decision to euthanize is the hardest choice you’ll ever have to make. If you're looking for a Winter Springs veterinarian who will treat your pet with the love and dignity they deserve, call us at (407) 862-6892

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You don’t have to manage your pet’s end-of-life care alone. Call us today at (407) 862-6892 to discuss their treatment options.

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Knowing When It’s Time

Because we love our pets so much, it can be difficult to look objectively at their quality of life and think, “maybe it’s time for them to pass on.” This is never easy to do, but if you consider your pet’s needs, comfort level, and overall well-being, knowing when it’s time can save them unneeded suffering.

Since our dogs and cats can’t tell us when they’re ready, it’s up to you and your Winter Springs veterinarian to decide on the best course of action. If your pet’s prognosis is hopeful, we can explore treatment options to improve their quality of life. If their prognosis is poor, euthanasia may be the most compassionate next step. Lack of interest in food and water, sleeping all the time, inability to stand and walk, and loss of control over their bowels are all red flags that need to be addressed.

What to Expect with Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia for dogs and cats does not have to be stressful, for the pet or their family. We know that this is a difficult time, and we do everything we can to make it easier for everyone. We’ll give you and your pet the privacy and time you need to say a proper goodbye, and if you have any other requests, such as a clipping of hair from your pet, please let us know.

The euthanasia procedure involves administering sedation to your pet first, so they’ll drift off into a peaceful sleep, then administering the euthanasia injection, which acts quickly. This ensures that your pet is relaxed and comfortable when they pass on.

If you would like to have your pet’s ashes returned, we can make arrangements for you to obtain their remains. To make the euthanasia appointment easier, you might want to make the cremation arrangements in advance. Please call us at (407) 862-6892 if you have any questions.