Providing Pet Surgery in Altamonte Springs, FL

Westmonte Animal Clinic is well-equipped to provide an array of routine and sometimes complex surgeries, from spays and neuters to mass removals and bladder stone removals. We’ll make your pet’s comfort and safety our highest priorities, with pre-anesthetic blood work required beforehand to confirm they’re healthy and diligent monitoring by our Casselberry vet throughout to keep them in stable condition. If you have any concerns or reservations about surgery for your pet, please let us know so we can answer your questions and put you at ease. From the moment you drop your pet off to the moment you arrive to take them home, they’ll be in the best hands! Call us today to schedule a surgery or follow up appointment at (407) 862-6892.

Young Dog With Veterinary Collar Also Called Elizabethan After Surgery

To schedule a surgery for your pet or follow-up appointment, call (407) 862-6892.

Why Pets Need Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work before Surgery

It’s important that we evaluate your pet’s health fully before taking them into surgery. Anesthesia has its share of risks, similar to the risks found in human surgery. Therefore, we’ll run blood work to check your companion’s liver and kidney function, which will tell us if they’ll be able to manage the anesthesia with minimal risk. We will also look over your pet’s health history and administer their anesthesia according to that history, their age, and their weight. This enables us to make general anesthesia very safe for all of our patients.

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Post-Op Pain Management

Your pet will be given the appropriate pain management before, during, and after surgery to help them stay comfortable while they’re recovering. The last thing we want is for your companion to be in pain, which can slow their recovery and cause them unneeded stress. In addition to what we provide in our Casselberry animal clinic, we will also send you home with oral medication to administer to your pet as needed.

If you think your dog or cat is experiencing abnormal discomfort while they’re recovering at home, please contact us as soon as possible at (407) 862-6892!