A pet owner brushing their cat's teeth with a toothbrush

Don’t Neglect Your Cat’s Teeth Cleaning

If you are a cat owner or are planning to get yourself your very own feline, then you may have heard how important it is to make sure your cat’s teeth remain clean.

In fact, dental disease is the most common health problem that cats face. Unfortunately, cats can’t brush their own teeth, so it is vital to learn how to keep your cat’s teeth clean, or else they are sure to face future dental problems.


Why It Is Important to Not Neglect Your Cat’s Teeth Cleaning

If neglected, house cats will face dental problems. While wild cats traditionally cleaned their teeth with bones and even grass, house cats have lost that practice. As a result, you’ll have to step up and clean your cat’s teeth.

This is especially important, considering that a cat suffering from a lack of dental health can be hard to identify. In other words, your cat could very well be in a lot of pain without you knowing why or even realizing it.

However, there are signs of poor dental health or disease that you can look for.


A veterinarian checking a cat's mouth for any signs of dental disease.


Signs of Dental Disease in Cats

There are six main signs that your cat may be suffering from bad dental health or disease:

  1. Bad Breath—If you notice that your cat has bad breath even after a good cleaning, then it may be suffering from a dental disease.
  2. Red or Inflamed Gums—Prolonged red or inflamed gums could be a sign of a disease or infection and will most likely only worsen if not treated.
  3. Excessive Drooling—Excessive drooling can be a sign that your cat is experiencing a lot of pain in their mouth.
  4. Brownish-Yellow Buildup Along the Gum Line—This is a sure sign that, at the very least, your cat needs a thorough dental cleaning.
  5. Rubbing or Pawing at Their Face—Just like humans, if cats are experiencing dental pain, they will probably be “rubbing” their jaw.
  6. Dropping Food on the Floor While They’re Eating—This can be a sign of a sharp dental pain when your cat bit into their food and should be investigated.


How to Care for Your Cat’s Teeth

Cat teeth cleaning can be a tedious task at times. One of the best ways to clean their teeth is by brushing them. This can be done by using a specialty cat toothbrush or a finger toothbrush along with toothpaste that is made specifically for cats.

Brushing daily or at least three times a week will help protect against any future dental problems. Starting when they are kittens will ensure they become accustomed to the procedure.

There are also some less direct methods, including putting your cat on a dental-friendly diet, using chew toys and treats meant to promote dental hygiene, and even giving your cat a bone to chew on.

For basic dental health, you can use water additives to help reduce the formation of tartar and plaque in your cat’s mouth.

Another excellent method is dapping a gel in your cat’s mouth that will help clean the teeth and gums of your cat.

Lastly, it is important to schedule at least two yearly checkups at your local animal clinic for cat teeth examinations and thorough cleanings.


child brushing his teeth while holding their pet cat


Westmonte Animal Clinic

If you find that your cat is suffering from a lack of dental health or just want to schedule a cleaning, then Westmonte Animal Clinic can provide you with everything you need including examinations and in-depth cleanings.

In-depth cat teeth cleanings are vital to your cat’s overall health. At Westmonte Animal Clinic, a deep clean includes cleaning your cat’s gums and teeth. By using an ultrasonic scaler, hand scaler, and a high-speed polishing tool, the professionals at Westmonte Animal Clinic will be able to remove any plaque and tartar and smooth out the enamel surfaces.

Plus, your cat’s mouth will be examined for any signs of disease, and a treatment will be offered if needed.

So, if it’s about time for your cat’s bi-annual cleaning, or you need to take your cat in to get a dental examination, contact Westmonte Animal Clinic for all your feline’s needs in the greater Orlando, Florida area.


Final Thoughts

All in all, cats, just like dogs, have dental needs. Since housecats don’t take care of their own teeth, that responsibility will have to fall on you. While brushing their teeth is the most direct approach, there are many other ways to help keep your cat’s dental health in good condition.

Lastly, having a professional clean and examine your cat’s teeth twice a year will ensure that your cat’s dental needs are addressed and taken care of.